Sunday, December 2, 2012

Song jam session, addition to project #2

I went to visit my friend, Kathryn, yesterday.  She loves music and made a little recording studio for herself to experiment.  If you ever want to take a listen, she and her friend had a band for some time called Katsquared. (Check out the link to their video).

Anyway, I showed up just in time for when she and her friends started to play with recording covers of their favorite songs.  They tried to get me to join in and sing.  I don't like my voice but they convinced me it would be super sweet to sing our wedding song and record it for my husband.  CRINGE... So I did... And that will be part 2 to project #2 of sending my husband a package of our memories.  I think I'll burn the song onto a CD and write "Listen at your own risk!" Hehe.  There are lots of off-key notes and pitch issues, but all well.  Oh, if you see Bill, don't tell him since it's a surprise.

It was interesting to go outside my comfort zone and do something I know I'm not good at in front of others.  It was a little scary...and strangely liberating afterwards.  What have you done lately which has made you cringe in a good way?

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