Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guitar diaper cake - old project

Today I am going to visit my friend, Kathryn, who just had a baby boy.  I just remembered one of the gifts I got for her.  She loves music and all these years I remembered she was strapped to a guitar.  I wanted to make her something a little different than a diaper cake, so I made her a diaper guitar.  I bet her baby boy will be rocking a guitar like his mom one day. 

Have you ever wondered what the use of a ribbon holder could be after all the ribbons have been used? Here's one suggestion.

Add the ribbon holder in the middle over the blanket, in between the 2 crescent groupings of diapers.  I split this circle of diapers into 2 crescent halves, but stacked like this. 

Then, cover it with a baby blanket. 

I placed the ribbon holder over the blanket and squished it so it would be on the same plane as the rest of the guitar.  Rubber bands were the "strings" and held the 2 crescent groups together to give the guitar base shape. I used yellow ribbon to make the ends of the string attachment and the sides to give it more definition.  I liked the yellow because it pulls from one of the yellow seen on the blanket and gives a more cohesive look.

For the final touches, I used the same used cardboard paper for the music notes.  What do you think?

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