Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life of the party, project to do

Again, I love this book by Jeffrey Yamaguchi (  I find it inspirational for me to continue this side project of mine (the blog and trying to have a distraction that is all my own).  I like his project about documenting the life of the party.  He suggests to have a picture of the main room before, during, and after the end of the party.  Afterwards, he says to frame them in sequence.  I think I want to do this for our Christmas family gathering this year.  I want to put this series of photos in our baby's album to show her first Christmas party.  The life of our party this year has really been our beautiful baby girl.  Just a quick note this week, she rolled from her belly to her back with ease.  I was so thrilled to have caught it on video to share with my family.  She reminds me of how much there is to be curious about in the world.  I love how she looks at something new with such wonder and pure delight.

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