Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recording Mommy - project #4

This project isn't really creative, but I argue that it's one of the most important for my family.  I love how wonderful of a storyteller my mother is and with her stories comes our heritage, her strength, and her beautiful soul.  I want to capture all of that for myself, my sister, and my daughter to remember.  I decided to record my mother's conversations with us without her knowing so that I can have her candid remarks immortalized and how we all interact on file.  Today, I asked her about my grandparents and their siblings.  My mom makes excuses and delays writing down a family tree, so I thought the first recording should be of the history and people she remembers whom my sister and I have never met.  What other ways have you made a family tree?  What was the experience like for you to do it?

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