Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby's handprint & fist print- project #3

This December is special because our baby, Sophia, turned 5 months. I have been wanting to make an impression of her handprint ever since my husband saw a set of our godson's.  I got the inspiration from Gummychild and her own project for her daughters with salt dough.  I saw this kit from Babies R Us and thought I would see if it really was "No mess, no baking, no mixing".  I was rather impressed with it.  I took a handprint and then a "fist bump" impression.  My husband likes to "fist bump" the baby. I thought it would make a nice reminder for him.  P.S. I love her hands.

Then, I carved in the number 5 for 5 months with the sharp edge of a LED candle.  I thought a cute little bird would be fun and added it with a bird stamp I had.  The leftover impression material was used to make a name tag in the shape of a heart.  I used an existing tag as a template.  Then, I carved in her name with a black ballpoint pen.  I figured the black would stand out against the white.  I may trace it again with a black permanent marker once it has completely dried.  I'll post the final product once it dries.  What do you think?

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  1. Oh! Woops, I read your blog from new to old, so I didn't see this till now. Ignore my last comment, hee hee. =)