Saturday, January 5, 2013

Seconds of a moment, project #10

  I love the instant you see a smile cascading throughout a face.  I love seeing images of a movement progress from the start to the finish, for instance, the action sequences of a dance move or someone running.  I use the actionsnap app on my phone a lot.  It has multiple shutter movements every 0.5 seconds (or however you set the interval), so you take pictures of one moment with multiple frames.  Lomography also has a camera that has 4 lens, but it uses 35mm film.  My latest project was to capture a moment my husband and I love, which is our baby's laughter and smile on film.  I had a large frames with 6 slots and placed the pictures in sequential order.  I think it puts emphasis on the precious moment.  FYI my husband took these pictures of our girl.  He just took multiple shots on his camera phone.  Good job Honey!