Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Studying inspirations

  It's January.   It signals a new start of the year.  It also causes anxiety in me since I now need to buckle down 
and concentrate on my boards for May.  It always nice to have some inspiration when you need to focus.  

Here's my set of inspirations today.  I hope they will inspire you in your own life.  

1) http://www.chicagonow.com/pace-of-chicago/2010/10/worth-1000-words/#/. (I have this article on my bulletin 
board to remind me of why I'mbusting myself to learn this material.)
I have met this kid and he is every bit of sunshine as he runs around the room.  Nothing will stop him!   
If you want to support him and his family, click on this link for team jj or PossAbilities

2) http://mda.org/. 

I remember some of those cute kids being so proud to race me down the hallway.  One kid was so happy
to go to camp and be with kids like him.  I miss seeing those guys.  
Kids with muscular disorders and their families need our help and if you can, visit their website to see how.

3) http://www.utterlyengaged.com/contest/

The fabulous girls of Utterly Engaged are Lucia and Henny.  I knew them before there was this amazing wedding 
magazine called Utterly Engaged.  Their dreams did come true to set the wedding beauty scene ablaze with their 
creative and keen style, not to mention their good hearts.  Their charity work is so beautiful and touching.  

What inspires you? 
Maybe I'll try to do a monthly inspiration post if it helps someone out there to feel excited or learn something new. 

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