Monday, November 26, 2012

Bubbles - project #1

Our friends were coming to visit us this weekend.  I wanted to make them a gift they would keep.  I have been rather turned off with all the Black Friday buzz on the television and internet.  I miss having homemade items. 

Here's my gift to them.  I love bubbles and pink, so I thought their little girl might like this too.  After all, she is a cute 2 year old girl. 

First, I found a photo snow globe.  The look of it reminds me of bubbles.  I had our friend's pictures of this little girl's birthday party.  I wanted to show off the wonder of having a big birthday celebration with cake and bubbles for her to see when she is older.  She and her mom are blowing bubbles in the backyard in the first picture.  Then, I printed the pictures and added a headband as decoration. (By the way, the headband was from the new Heidi Klum line at Babies R Us.)


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